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Why Most Entrepreneurs Don’t go to College

What They Don’t Teach Entrepreneurs in College and University

college student entrepreneurAt one point or the other every successful entrepreneur, has probably asked themselves “Is getting a college degree worth it or not”?

There are countless success stories of billionaires like Steve Jobs who abandoned college after half a year and, Mark Zuckerberg who dropped out of college during his sophomore year are some of the stories that inspire us.

While education is can be vital to success for some for others it can be a hindrance as they are forced to fit into a box of societal norms, it’s just not a fit for all.  Is it for you…

Some billionaires attributed their successes to some of the courses they took while in school. For example, Steve Jobs credited the course he did in calligraphy as the major inspiration for his patterns of designs.

However, making youth believe that college education is the only way to success isn’t always best. This school of thought is shared by business mogul, Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal who happens to be a graduate of Stanford. Peter Thiel feels elated about his college degree but believes that young adults waste too much time trying to bag a degree in higher education. These years would have been invested into more productive ventures.

The decision to go to college or not, must be your choice. There is no right or wrong decision, life’s short so it’s important you have a say in your career direction, whether you take formal education or learn as you go, as the case for many entrepreneurs.

Take Only the Courses You Need

You know if you are going to be a Dr., lawyer or certain profession it’s goes without saying that you will be required to will go to college, and university to get your official papers. If you’re seeking to blaze your own trail, formal education may feel stifling and limited. And, if you feel there are courses that would benefit you then consider taking individual courses without getting tied into a college system.

Some things are evolving so fast in business that you need to be immersed to stay current. To do that there will be many courses you can study online with the right course and mentor.

I know from experience as an SEO consultant, I would never be able to learn in college what was necessary to be good, let alone be great at search engine optimization, you have to be in the trenches every day, so you can evolve with it. And, that is the new way of learning.

Learning Online Versus College Education

So, the first question to ask is do you need a degree to follow your career path, or do you want to create your own income as an entrepreneur?

If your answer is entrepreneur then decide on a direction and find the very best course that is focused on your path. When you invest in online marketing or training consider this is money in lieu of a college education.

Entrepreneurship Learning

One of the benefits of learning online is that you can earn while you learn, as many courses have a step by step approach so you build as your grow. Another benefit, is you can change directions quickly as your learning evolves around your goals.

Entrepreneurship isn’t defined like other professions. It is often more of who you are that defines your success. Your ability to change, learn, grow and see possibilities are a few traits of entrepreneurs. However, necessary skills can be learned. In fact, life-long learning is part of being your own boss another reason that’s makes it so great.

Thankfully, technology and the digital age has opened the doors for entrepreneurs world-wide, it’s equal opportunity, and, it is not defined by age, race, gender and it is a heck of a lot more affordable.

As an entrepreneur you learn you are investing in your dream and not working to build someone else’s.

You can get started for very little money, especially when you compare it to University.

I can’t think of anything more financially burdening than leaving college with a $70,000 student debt, and, with a very high possibility of the education being outdated and possibly being forced to take a job that was different from what I imagined.

Entrepreneurs the ability to shift gears, can start with less investment, earn while they learn with a myriad of directions to take. You can work from almost anywhere with a laptop and Internet, you can earn enough to have freedom lifestyle or become as wealthy as you want. You get to choose!

Entrepreneurs Directions

There are thousands of entrepreneurial career paths, you can choose one or many, many begin with one idea in mind and evolve as they learn and open their minds to endless possibilities. Because they are the possibilities people, either creating incomes from scratch or following in the footsteps of already successful people, which is a direction I recommend for most people. Why reinvent what works!

Here are a few popular directions that will get you thinking about your future as an entrepreneur.

  • SEO – Consulting for others or using search engine optimization to benefit your own business (like many people I know)
  • eCommerce – May people have decided to forego the brick and mortar stores to start a lucrative online store
  • Affiliate Marketing – One of my favorite models; you sell other people products and earn a commission, no buying or storing inventory, start with a small blog or funnel, drive traffic, (this is where you SEO skills really help),work from anywhere and make a very lucrative income.
  • Online Publisher – Create and sell your own information products, there are tens of thousands of affiliates looking for quality products
  • Funnel Hacker – building sales funnels, landing pages for business who need this service (demand is growing)

These are just a few of the directions to consider and, as you learn you can coach others to do the same. Helping other people make money is very rewarding and something you’ll learn as you grow your business.

The possibilities are endless, many entrepreneurs start with one path and keep adding to their knowledge. Many develop apps, software and products as a solution to a problem. The thing is once you begin you never know where it’s going to take you.

It’s important that you find legitimate courses and training that teach you step by step have top mentors with a proven track records. This is an investment in you life so you want to avoid scams at all cost.

Check out my Top Quality Courses – I have personally studied them, written reviews and I will only ever recommend what I know of personally. Check them out.

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Now the rest is up to you, dig in, build a foundation, grow and profit on your terms. Get Started Today!

Here’s to your entrepreneurial success,



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