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Who Is the Wealthy Affiliate For YES YOU

I Often Get Asked Who is the Wealthy Affiliate for ? I Also Share Who It’s  Not For!

who is the wealth affiliate for best courseAs an online marketer I get emails and speak with many people who really want to know which is the best route to begin online. Often they have been scammed so many times and they are looking for one more way to make it happen and become a success.

The thing is they didn’t fail because they were lazy or stupid, it’s usually because they have been scammed, drowning in overwhelm, stuck and left feeling  very alone.

Now their down to their last dime and yet determined to find a legit way to make money online.  See how it changed…

Our goal is and will be to continue to provide the best service in the industry, putting the community first with all of our decisions.” –Kyle, WA Co-Owner starstarstarstarstar 

Why You Can Do This

I have been there, I know what they have been through and I tell them not to quit, I admire the drive and courage to go on, because the dream is worth it. You can do this and if you are looking for the best way I highly recommend that the Wealthy Affiliate is the one program to follow.

Is the Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate

This is one of the very rare, scam free courses with the most in depth and easy to follow every training you need you’ll ever need. Plus it has all of the tools including website building software at the most affordable price I have ever known.  They even have FREE training and 2 Free Website at the Basic level. And that unheard of.  This is a legitimate course a gem among the scams! Learn More

So What’s The Wealthy Affiliate 


Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform designed to provide all the best tools, up to date training, that’s easy to learn how to build a business online. The platform’s is clear, easy to use, with an amazing supportive community.  Members are encouraged to help each other and the owners Kyle and Carson and here to support you. It really has everything you need all in one place.

If you are willing to learn and are committed to making this work, the Wealthy Affiliate is for you!

W.A. Who Is This For?

Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone who wants to create independence, freedom and have more time. Who is committed to learning how to change their life, by creating an online business and therefore an income. Like anything that is truly legit you must be willing to put time and effort in; you are learning a set of skills, that will give you independence and confidence knowing when you have done the work you can have the life you want.

It’s for the novice, intermediate & seasoned alike, it really is an equal opportunity for all who have the desire. There are so many people who can benefit from becoming part of the Wealthy Affiliate, there’s no way I could list them all. But here’s an beginning list:

  • People who are desperate to leave their jobs/employment
  • Anyone who wants to escape a toxic job that want freedom and choice
  • People who like their jobs/employment and want extra income
  • Back up plan or a second income (jobs can disappear without a moments notice)
  • Retired people who want to bolster their pension or become independent of it
  • Papering for retirement, no pension plan or small pension, set yourself up for the future
  • People with disability physically, emotionally that are looking for another way
  • Anyone who wants to work from home
  • Want a career without going to University 
  • Home-makers/stay at home moms, dad who want t be with the family
  • People needing supplemental income
  • Professionals (lawyers, doctors, engineers, etc), many people want to change careers
  • Create a work from anywhere lifestyle
  • Students in colleges & universities
  • High school/college students who wnat ti make an income without a day job
  • Online marketers who want a clear and focused direction
  • Local businesses who want to supplement and’/re want to take business online
  • Just about anyone you can imagine, if you want freedom and a life you need to create it
  • As long as you are of working age, willing and able to learn, have a laptop and wifi, from most countries you can get access. 

Who It Is NOT For

If you are looking for a way to get quick rich or for a way to do some things that may be allowed in some communities (see below) this is likely not for you. The WA is a healthy encouraging community with over 200,000 members who value each others learning, so a few simple and sensible rules have been put in place for the good of all.  So if you like the good stuff, you be be right at home and feel very welcome. But, there a few rules for the good listed below and they are here to protect you and in everyone’s best interest.

  1. Solicitation Once in a while, a new person comes in not understanding the rules or trying to be a smarty pants and tries to puts up advertising, affiliate links and soliciting to members. Wealthy Affiliate is a place to learn how to market on the Internet, and it’s all here for those who want to learn not to be taken advantage of.
  2. Black Hat Marketing – Unethical marketing strategies are not taught at Wealthy Affiliate. It is not a way to grow your business, in fact a fast way to see you website and business disappear. Its and strictly prohibited in the WA. and for good reason. You can do it, you have everything here to learn to create a business ethically.  There are many black hat methods, and they may sound tempting to some, but stay on the straight and narrow, because when they close you’ll still be here and going strong.  Wealthy Affiliate teaches what works, good clean, honest, ethical marketing you can be proud of!
  3. Gamers & Players Some people resort to “playing the system.” WA has a ranking system in place and its affiliate program as well. Its there to encourage, but a few have figured out how to game these system. These issues have been resolved, and quickly get sought out by a community who is watching out for the best interest of all and who care and love this membership inclusive community! Build your business and know how to do it well and create trust and independence.
  4. Negativity Don’t get me wrong, you can ask questions, make your voice heard, its really open. But the best place to learn is in a negativity free space. We all have frustrations and times we want to vent, but there’s always help so you wont get stuck for long, if at all.  There’s also no pressure so you can work at your own pace. ProTip Learn to use Google to solve problems it helps you grow confidence and resilience as you become an entrepreneur.  So put the energy and effort and make it happen. From time-to-time a few people are looking for the magic button. There’s no such thing and if anyone tells you there is, its likely a scam. This is a legit, long term way to create freedom, independence and a lifestyle you want.  Join, have fun, do the work and you will succeed.

Check Out the Benefits

Wealthy Affiliate, Benefits You Want!

You can do this all with:

  • Easy to Use Platform
  • Tools That You Need all in one place
  • Regular updates and constantly updated services
  • Founders/Owners coaching actively in the community
  • Live classes weekly on the topics to grow your business
  • Incredible platform, top hosting and easy website builder
  • Step by step lessons created for beginners to novices
  • WA offers a free Starter Membership the value exceeds expectation, you have to see it
  • Writing templates, spell check, grammar and content checker and site health checker all in one
  • Get answers, post a questions and you’ll usually get a response within a few minutes in the 24/7 worldwide community
  • Free SSL certificate – (premium) this is what Google wants and saves you hundreds
  • Free Website Hosting offered to all members, Starter or Premium.
  • Free domain for your site with the .siterubix platform
  • Domain registration service
  • No  up-sells you have it all here

Now don’t get overwhelmed, its so easily laid out and you can do it. This is the only platform you will need! and it’s for-

People Like You Who Want to:

  • Escape the rat race, quit the job, fire the boss
  • Turn hopelessness into a life you want
  • Make an extra income and/or prepare for the future
  • Create an online business for freedom and time
  • Have the best tools all in one place
  • Tutorials, coaches, support and learning all in one place ( no switching back sites)
  • Have the help of top coaches and a supportive community
  • Build confidence, freedom, self reliance and take full charge of your life

There are so many more reasons why, but this is the start, the start of a life you want.

==>Join for Free<==

Check out my Full Review See Why I Joined  and You Should Too!

To the life you want,




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