Wealthy Affiliate Review the Only Course You’ll Ever Need Really!

The Only Course You’ll Ever Need the Wealthy Affiliate My Personal Review

For the first time I am completely confident that I have found the only course I’ll ever need. An online course that has it all. Literally everything you need to create a profitable business all in one place. And, I vowed that when I found the one course that worked I would share it. Because time and money is too precious to waste. It’s called the Wealthy Affiliate.

How I Started Online

I began my make money online journey many years ago, after a personal tragedy changed my life forever. I attended every seminar, webinar bought every course and too embarrassed to say how much money I spent and the debt I wracked up. 

Most programs were filled with empty promises, missing pieces , there were many sleepless nights as I  struggled with overwhelm and frustration.  But, I  was committed and determined to find a way to succeed.  Google became my best friend and I learned the hard way but I learned. With 7 years under my belt I began making money, but it wasn’t consistent. I had to find a simpler way to make a passive income… so the journey continued.

In Search of the Best Course

I dreamed of a place where I could access everything with one simple login. A place to save time, where I could access my websites, domains, hosting, and keep up to date all in one spot. Eventually I found it, for the first time I felt I could relax and see the endless potential, a way to generate a solid income. 

As I look back I realized how I got caught in the cycle. Many online courses are carefully crafted to get you hooked, set you up to fail so you’ll spend more and more trying to recoup what you invested. Not only that I you start to doubt yourself.

When you are learning you want to know you are heading in the right direction, that you have all that you need and you have support. This is a time to build confidence and self reliance as you learn to create your empire and you new life. This is what I want for you…

I Knew What I Wanted

I decided to put everything aside and start over just as if I was a beginner, no more buying useless tools, no more crappy courses with missing parts and definitely not another training without support or coaches who bailed. This time I was clear I knew what worked, what I wanted, and I certainly knew how to spot a scam. So, I dug deep, really deep, when I came across the Wealthy Affiliate I paid zero, signed up and took it for a test ride, once I was in I got the try it on, the training, the tools and how it all worked. I knew the Wealthy Affiliate was for me.

This is where my review begins and I share the benefits and my heartfelt opinion.

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Training and Tools All On One Platform

So let me share my Wealthy Affiliate review and why I think it’s the only course you’ll ever need.

This is the tool that changed my life, after years of frustration I finally have a platform I love, with one simple log in I have access to my up to date training and tools and support all in one place. This free’s up my time so I can focus on growing, improving and monetizing my online business. I call it my online affiliate arsenal. Everyone should have one!


  • Name: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Website: Wealthyaffiliate.com
  • Price: $0 Starter membership! Premium $49 a month or $359 annual (that’s a 39% saving)
  • Founders and Still the Owners: Kyle & Carson
  • My rating: 5/5 Stars (Highly recommended!)
  • Who Is It For – Beginner to Expert, Everyone


Wealthy Affiliate often referred to as (WA) is an educational platform just like an online university created to provide you with everything you need to build your own successful online business.

The platform has a series of step-by-step training, from day 1 you become part of the community so you never feel alone, you begin with simple lessons that make you feel empowered right away. Designed to build confidence, showing you that you can make your dream a reality.

It’s an online university for real people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds,  with lessons, an active online community with real people sharing their experience and offering support 24/7, plus access to the very best tools to create and manage your own income generating website.


The answer to that is simple. Everyone! This is designed for everyone, no matter your level of expertise, age, or background, or even the size of your wallet. This is for you. Whether you’re completely new or an experienced online marketer there are no limits once you begin here.

Who is the Wealthy Affiliate for? It’s for EVERYONE!


Before I go deeper into the details about Wealthy Affiliate, I want to give you a brief overview of the pros and cons, to give you a snap shout of what you can expect. Let’s take a look!


  1. Training for all levels, even if you have ZERO tech skills or experience!
  2. Video training, written steps with images and webinars for every learning style, without overwhelm.
  3. Certification courses.
  4. 24/7 Live help and support, from the community and owners Kyle and Carson.
  5. Caring, supportive and informative community, with more than Two Hundred thousand members.
  6. Create 2 Free professional looking websites. (FREE Membership)
  7. Free first class website hosting included!
  8. Spam-free, no salesey environment, every thing is here.
  9. Price has never changed form it’s inception 13 years ago
  10. Completely FREE to get started!

This is genuine proof and what separates the WA from other make-money-online courses, you not only get access to all of this, but you also get to benefit from it completely for free!

This is unheard-of in the industry, training, a website and more for free… and there’s a very good reason for why they do this… The WA is so confident in what they uniquely offer that you will love what you see and experience with them, that you will want the option of upgrading to a premium membership, which is completely optional. Who else but the Wealthy Affiliate lets you look around and try the platform for FREE?

(Keep in mind those who are most serious about taking their business to the next level at some point upgrade to a premium membership, especially if you want to fully immerse yourself and become a full-time, money making marketer. But as already mentioned, this is completely optional and you are free to use the free version, for as long as you wish).


There are 2 small things that I quickly overcame. a) There is so much information available, it’s a little overwhelming until I watched the Welcome & Navigation video. b) There is a large community which distracted me at first but I quickly learned to manage that and use for help and support.

But don’t worry! Just like everything else the WA does it won’t take you long to see how it connects and to get the hang of it.


WA is often referred to as the Wealthy Affiliate University, which is not the best I description for me or anyone who doesn’t like the idea of school. This is far from a hard dry study, this an exciting community that offers a service to those who want to break away from their day job, work from home and create income on their terms. For most make-money-online programs the education is the product, but what happens next?…you’re lonely, isolated and its easy to lose motivation fast.

In the WA the learning is just the beginning, it’s top-notch, up to date and incredibly valuable, but this is small aspect of what you’re getting. What really makes this separates this program a creates so many successful students is when you join the WA you gain instant access to a community of people just like you, with the same goals and motivations as yourself.

You become part of this incredible warm, welcoming community and connect with thousands of real people that are on their journey to learning, growing their business or have become highly successful and willing to help and that includes the founders Kyle and Carson. Members are highly encouraged to help out others and receive points and credit for their efforts. The community is global so if you’re ever stuck just post your questions and someone is likely to be online 24/7, you’re never alone.


Your still reading, you know you that you are serious about wanting to make money online. You know it’s time to change your life. You’ve been looking for the best course, easy to use tools and a supportive community of like-minded people, it’s the most complete place to learn that you’ll ever need.

So I invite you to create your own FREE starter account and join the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

Need more details? just keep on reading…


The training within the Wealthy Affiliate is well organized, short video’s which makes them easy to follow. They’re frequently updated so you’re always up to date with the most current training for all levels from absolute beginners to the most advanced marketers.

The training is offered in many formats to suit all learning styles, including:

  • Weekly live training classes ( with replays so you can watch on your schedule)
  • Video and tutorial training, organized to follow step by step
  • Check off what you have done and watch your progress
  • Q&A sessions
  • Organized classrooms on specific topics
  • Interactive discussions within the community
  • It really is all complete

It may seem like a lot but it’s the lessons are well organized you’ll simply follow the steps and build your business as you move forward. As you progress your confidence will soar and, there are people joining every hour of the day so your never the lonely beginner. It’s a spam free humble group, guru free so you’ll be right at home learning and growing together.


WA will also provide you with all the most effective tools to be able to do effective keyword research, write quality content with or without a template, and to create and manage your own website with in just a few steps.

Included in the membership is:

  • Easy website builder build with the WordPress Express
  • Keyword research tool for finding the right keyword and their competition
  • How to pick low competition keywords with Jaaxy
  • Unlimited website hosting (for premium members)
  • Access to more than 1.400 website themed templates
  • Rapid writer tool, write free-form or use the templates
  • Email integration
  • SSL certificate
  • Site speed to help get your website ranked and visitor experience

I know there’s more, but what I really love is everything is all in one place, no more logging in and switching back and forth to other services. It really saves It stops the overwhelm so you can build your business.


The Wealth Affiliate want you to be successful and have the knowledge you need. They really teach independence even though you are part of a community. Many make money online programs will teach you to set up a business by selling their product, this basically generate more money for that company. They have a vested interested in holding you back.

This is where the WA is different. The Wealthy Affiliate encourages you to create a business around your passion or interest. This will become your niche. You’ll learn to discover a niche that is meaningful to you and one you can make money with. Let’s be honest life’s too short to waste it trying to create a living on something you have no interest in. Now you have the opportunity to follow your own passion, create a business and make money doing something you really enjoy. For 13 years the WA has been teaching people how to be successful online!

If you don’t know what a niche is or not sure of what niche you want to be working with, Wealthy Affiliate offers clear examples and if you need clarity they will hep you to choose a niche. You can also join the WA “Affiliate Bootcamp”. This path offers and in depth and complete training from scratch, with no experience needed.

When you join the WA you’ll be given 2 options to build your website and create your business:

  1. Choose your niche– follow your passion or interest to start your business.
  2. Join the “Affiliate Bootcamp” , this is also an excellent option

Whatever direction you choose, you will learn how pick a niche, easily set up a website and how to monetize it. Ready to Start!


One of the biggest reasons people fail online is lack of support and feeling alone. With the support of the 200,000+ Wealthy Affiliate worldwide members, and 24/7 support system, your never alone or far from help. It’s truly unique and inspiring.

Few online programs can share stories about their amazing support.

Support Services:

  • Live community chat, open 24/7
  • Private message Carson and Kyle the owners who are very responsive
  • Live Question & Answers
  • Create public post and ask for help on your issue
  • 1-on-1 support with ME through messenger, email and my community profile


Wealthy Affiliate offers 2 types of membership:

Starter membership: $0 (Join here)

Premium membership: $47 per month or $359 per year, less than a $1 a day (Join here)


When someone offers you a free membership you’re probably wondering “what’s the catch” right? To be honest I was skeptical, so I signed up, NO CREDIT CARD checked it out, read the community feedback and I was convinced. There is no catch. Wealthy Affiliate founders Kyle and Carson were successful before they started this the WA.

This is a passion for them and they love changing lives. They are committed to your success and certain that you will enjoy your experience with the WA family that they invite you in for free with the option of upgrading to a premium membership at anytime.


If your curious about the difference between the free versus the premium membership, you do get a lot of extra benefits when you go premium, but with the free you have everything you need to get started, such as training, 2 free websites, even free hosting, You really get to test it out for as long as you want before deciding to upgrade. This showed me how much confidence the WA owners have in their product. No hype, just the straight goods!


Now, you might be wondering “if the WA is so good, why haven’t I heard of it before?”

Unlike many other make-money-online programs, WA is here for the long time. The Wealthy affiliate program has been around for 13 years and they have no plans to go anywhere.

Like most good businesses their good reputation is spread by results that speak for themselves and word of mouth. They have no need for aggressive marketing or pushy sales campaigns as the people who join them are in general so satisfied and happy that they want to stay with the community even after achieving great success. They stay for the community, inspiration, ongoing learning, quality tools and most want to give back and help others achieve their goals.


Wealthy Affiliate is the one course I highly recommend. It is an all in one platform complete with lessons and tools that are always updated, guidance from the coaches plus the 24/7 help and support of a strong community. WA really is a must have platform for internet entrepreneurs with all levels of experience.

What the WA is not. A get-rich-quick scheme, which are doomed to fail.

What the WA is. A comprehensive platform for people who really want to learn how to create a solid money making business that they can scale for years to come.

Wealthy Affiliate really is the only course with everything all in one place out there.

I’ve been online for many years, I’m a researcher and skeptic by nature so there’s nothing that gives me more pleasure is sharing what works and what doesn’t. As a member I can speak from experience, and I’m truly impressed (that’s not something you’ll hear me say lightly). But hey, don’t take my word for it, join the WA and it’s 200.000+ members, and see what they have to say. Check out the real member testimonials below!

Read Real Member Testimonials Here!


Money loves speed and that takes action, so to give you a little boost on your journey, Kyle will grant you a Special Bonus Offer if you decide to upgrade to a premium membership in your first 7 days of joining, it’s a huge 59% discount and some incredible extra benefits (completely optional, but very valuable)

Once you join I will personally follow up to make sure you receive the help you need, and answer any questions you may have, or need any help with.

I so look forward to meeting you in the community, please feel free to drop me a personal message at my profile within Wealthy Affiliate. Here’s my profile link.

So try WA out completely for free and see for yourself exactly what you’ve been missing out on all this time!

Join Wealthy Affiliate For $0 (completely FREE and No credit card required!)

Here’s to your success, always,


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