Top 10 Reasons You Need to Quit Your Job

Thinking of Leaving Your? Job Top 10 Reasons You Need to Quit

 10 reasons to quit your jobMillions of people want to quit their job, in fact 70% of people are unhappy at work. Quitting your job can be risky and takes a lot of consideration. Often the jobs isn’t that bad and it’s a stage we need to work through but, while other times there are circumstances beyond our control that give us reasons to quit.

Having a second income or a “back up plan” is a smart move so you can leave knowing you can pay the bills and continue with life. Do you have a back up plan? See why you should have one…

Top 10 Reasons to Quit Your Job

1. You Hate Your Job. There are millions of people who drag themselves to a job they loathe. If you don’t have a back up plan to replace your income, then consider that as a place to begin before you leave your self high and dry. It’s better to strategically plan your departure so you’re leaving on your terms and taking another loathsome job to fill the gap. Look at other income options and leave on your terms.

2. Illness. There are times when a job is just not possible to do any longer. Either personal illness or a sick family member are legitimate reasons to quit a job, and sometimes a sudden illness forces you to leave your position. If you are ill or need to take care of a family member finding a way to earn and stay at home may be essential. While you may be eligible for medical leave it only lasts for so long and in some cases just a few days. Always know what your options are while in work in case of an event of illness.

3. Difficult Work Environment. Some work environments are just toxic, as much as you try there may be bosses and co-workers, that create such a negative environment you are forced to leave for the sake of your health and wellness. Often you are forced to make a decision to leave when you are not in the right place in your life leaving you vulnerable to take a job that is just as harmful. If you’re working in a toxic environment, start making plans before leaving, so you can leave with confidence, control and independence.

4. Can’t Afford to Stay In the Job. By the time you commute, buy clothes, pay for childcare and lunch and taxes you are paying more to go to work than you are actually earning. This is a common theme making working from home for parents a sensible money saving option.

5. Schedules and Hours. If you rely on childcare you already know how hard it is to find, trying to work around your schedules can be impossible, and that is the same for transportation. If you ride share or rely on public transportation your hours may not work at all. This can cause added stress and add hours to your day trying to juggle it all. Creating work around your schedule may be the answer.

6. Going Back to School. If you’re going back to school, either part-time or full-time basis, you may have to get a job that works around your schedule. Many career shifters find ways to make money without a job, to pay the bills and keep the student loans down at the same time.

7. Career Change. I know so many people who are seeking a career change that revolves around their passion. Life is short and this is the dream, making a living around a life they love. The Internet has given endless options to create a dream career with a laptop and WiFi.

8. Relocation. When you move, the chances are you’ll be looking for a new position unless your current company has opportunities in your new location. This is a time to decide if your happy working with the current skills or if it’s time to learn a new skill. As you are relocating there you may get benefits for a time and if there are shortage of jobs you may even qualify for retraining. Many people are opting to work from home, create a job they love and have a fresh start in their new place of residence.

9. Stay at Home and Work. This is the age of working from home, whether you have an opportunity to work with your current company and work remotely or you’d just like to set up an office and work from home. Besides working from the comfort of your own home, people are finding there are many benefits. Like working your own hours, saving work expenses and creating a simpler life. I call this is lifestyle job, and it one I love.

10. You Just Don’t Fit In. As a career coach I worked with many people who just didn’t feel they fit in anywhere, no matter how many jobs they tried, their level of education they just felt unhireable. The truth is we just don’t always fit the box, we march to the beat of our own drum and of create work and become entrepreneurs. Creating a space that they love.

There are so many reasons to quit you job, and creating a second income is essential whether you decide to stay with your job or quit. A second income give choice and opportunity and is the prefect back up plan should any if the above ever occur.

Life changes fast and you have to be prepared.

Get a Second Income Solution to Replace You Wage

When I went through many of the above, a loss of a child, illness, anxiety, depression and just not being able to function in the workplace, I became unhireable in many ways. But the one thing I could do was to work from home, I created work I love and I can work from anywhere.

If you curious how I quit my job, earn a living and work on my terms then check out my review of the program that lead to a life I have now. It’s a job of choice, I can work from home and on my terms and make a very lucrative income.

Here’s to your success on life whatever your circumstance and whatever you choose. A Back Up Plan is for Everyone

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