The Dangers of Working in a Toxic Workplace

Warning – Why You Need to Quit Your Toxic Job

Working in a Toxic Environment? We all deserve to work in an environment that is healthy, satisfying and rewards us for what we do. But few people can honestly say that they have that. In fact most work places are not only a daily dread but they are highly toxic to our well- being mentally, physically and emotionally. A bad work place can rob us of who we are in many ways.

Many employers are completely unaware of how unhappy their employees are, while, others don’t care or are unwilling to change. The sad truth is they know most people are trapped, leaving them able to continue to abuse their position. While most people have to struggle through for a necessary paycheck, pension or fear of change, a few reach a breaking point and quit their job.

Sadly, far too many people leave only to step into another job the hate and this becomes a cycle of doom. There is another way – earn while you learn and get ready to quit. But Let’s look at dangers of not quitting!

Dangers of Staying in a Toxic Job

As you read through, you’ll likely be familiar with some of these issues, if you do its time to consider changing:

Dangers that you might face every day:


Stress eats away at you physically and mentally, it can cause fatigue, anxiety and if left unchecked it can lead to illness that can be devastating. The toxicity of a workplace is dependent on the surrounding people, your employers, your everyday comfort, and the amount of work placed upon you. If you wake up every morning or go to bed with a knot in your stomach or a lump in your throat feeling stressed before you get to work then this is may not be the place for you. There has to be a work life balance, if you don’t have support in the workplace then striking a balance will be almost impossible to work and stay healthy.


People deal with stress in different ways, consciously or unconsciously, its natural to look for distractions to combat workplace stress. But, while some hit the yoga mat, others fall into destructive and dangerous habits. Gambling debt is at an all time high, we have a massive drug crisis to numb the pain, alcoholism, workaholic ism, over use of social media and so much more that can contribute to depression and anxiety and worse. Habits are hard to break, they fill a gap, one of the best ways to break a habit is with a new habit like looking for new ways to recreate your work life.


As you try to deal with stress and worry about work, its easy for family problems to creep up. Its unintentional, communication breaks down as you are distracted and trying to manage work. The result can be devastating, if you have kids they can suffer, teens go astray and relationship can crumble, while all the time all you ever wanted to do was may a living to keep you together.


We’ve talked a lot about stress but stress is a catch all term for so many problems. Health and stress go hand in hand, and can affect you from acne to heart issues and everything in between. Your health is your foundation to all that you don’t and if your not healthy, you can’t work, and if you can’t work, what then. Failing health was just one of the reasons I had to be my own boss, and you may need to look at that too.

The dangers are endless, health, stress, loss of self-esteem, self-confidence, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Life’s too Short to be Unhappy at Work

If you work at a job that doesn’t give you a sense of pride and satisfaction it will be impossible to be truly happy at work. Life is just to short to be miserable. Misery is one thing we can live without.

Time to Change?

Now we know a few of the dangers of a toxic job isn’t it time to consider a way out, or at least a second income solution so if they day comes when you want to quit you can. I had my fair share and more of all these toxins and creating my own would be the only way to find something I enjoyed, where I could work from anywhere and make a living on my terms. If your ready to get free of the daily grind and live on your terms I’d love you to check out how to quit your day job and the affordable online course I recommend.

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This is the Time You Change Your Life

Let’s Get Started for Free and I Look Forward to Working With You On Your Journey,



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    • OdiSteph
    • August 17, 2018

    Inspiring and though-provoking!I’ve worked at places that are bad, this is really a reasons to find work with meaning!

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