Quit Your Job in 5 Easy Steps

Infographic 5 Steps to Starting a Business Online

5 Steps to Creating a Business Online – Info-graphic

I love infographics as a visual person I like to have a picture of the steps, its like a recipe ( except I can’t cook). Get the snippet below, share the infographic on your website, Pinterest or page, and a credit would be greatly appreciated and because sharing is caring 🙂

Quit Your Job in 5 Easy Steps

Follow the 5 Steps to Create a Money Making Website, Want to See How!

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Simple! Are you ready to learn how to set up you business in easy to follow steps then its time to Check out the Wealthy Affiliate.

 5 Steps from the Infographic in a Little More Detail

The steps are basic and though there are more details that go go into each step you can learn easily. You are building a business and like anything in life you build a foundation.

  1. You Choose a Niche – a hobby, topic or even something you are passionate about and if your not sure what that is check out this article or if your part of the Wealthy Affiliate Program you can get help, or contact me!
  2. Pick a Name for Your Business – Once you choose your business niche its time to choose a name for your business, it can be related to your business, you can use your own name or it can be a brand-able name you can build on. There is a great lesson on how to pick a niche and you’ll see how the name “domain” works together
  3. Build a Website – Building a website has never been easier, with a WordPress platform and the WA SiteRubix platform you can have a professional looking website up in a few lessons – BONUS! your website and hosting is free if your a FREE member or a Premium member (you get a lot of extra perks with the affordable premium)
  4. Get Traffic – Drive traffic to your website, there are many ways to get people to go to your website, there are paid methods and free, free is great, as you learn how to use keywords and add content traffic will come to your site. There is a right and wrong way to drive traffic, but you’ll learn to do this, easier than you thought
  5. Make Money – It’s time to monetize your website. Now that you have a niche, a domain name for your online business, set up a website and added content its time to add the ways to monetize you website. There are many ways to make money with your site, in the form of products, physical, digital and affiliate programs. Picking the right ones for your target audience are essential. Once you find the products that matches you audiences needs they will likely visit you time and again and spend money with you.

That is how you make money in a nutshell, there are a million courses out there but one right way that I know that has worked and is working today for thousands of people. It’s a course for everyone beginners, intermediate and millionaire marketers.

Aren’t you ready to learn more then check out my full review on why its the one course you need.

If your excited and ready to get started then get your Free membership (no credit card required)  follow the lessons then join me in premium.

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