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How to Start a Website for Free Plus Training

How to Get a Website for Free

This is one of the top searches: Google How to Start a Website for free Most people who want to start a business know they need a website,  it’s like having a valuable piece of real estate online. Your site is the most important asset of your online business.
It’s the foundation for your business, where you customers go to buy or get information, where you build trust and where you will make your sales.
Now you may have done a search for free website, because you think they are incredibly expensive (which they can be) or you think creating a website is very hard to do yourself.  Buy you can actually get a website for free! See How…
Creating a professional website has never been easier ever, platforms such as WordPress has removed the advanced coding and hard tech stuff, and made it possible for anyone to build a professional looking website in a matter of minutes with the right tools.


All you need to create your very own website is to watch a quick step by step video guide, and a simple website manager tool, and there’s no easier solution to get provides everything you need, all in one place than at the Wealthy Affiliate University (see my full review here).

They provide the user-friendly up to date tools so you can create and manage your own website, they  teaching you what is a domain, hosting and everything you need to build  a website that is both professional looking and is the foundation for your profitable business.
Check out the  video below and see the Wealthy Affiliate website manager tool create a fully functioning website and yes, it’s completely free! There are a few keys to creating an appealing and user friendly website,  you’ll want to find a balance not too plain and not too cluttered;  you want to make it clear, appealing, rich in content and user-friendly for your audience.That’s why it’s important that you know the fundamental pillars for creating a professional website.


  1. A clean easy to navigate professional layout
  2. Content management (WordPress will take care of this for you)
  3. High quality content
  4. Mobile Responsive
  5. Site speed – people and Google expect speed
  6. The correct plugins to enhance your website
  7. Secure with an SSL certificate

Focus on these 7 key steps and you can learn to create a website that will become the foundation to build your business on. Once you have your website you can take the next steps to create a money making online business.


You can accomplish your site set up through the WordPress blogging platform. As I mentioned earlier, they have basically taken away all technical stuff, the coding and made it incredibly easy to manage the day to day workings. I use WordPress every day so I can personally recommend it to anyone who wants to build a website and, I only ever recommend what I personally use.  You can easily set up your very own free WordPress website right now.  Simply pop your domain name in the box below and get started today for free!


In a nutshell WordPress is the best, it became the game changer for anyone who wanted to build a site and as time has passed WordPress has evolved into the #1 most popular blogging platform in the world.

I have used WordPress  for years, I’ve seen it grow and now I can have a website foundation up in minutes and with content management system “CMS” anyone who can follow steps can do the same, even if you have no tech skills. That means you have control and save the costs of expensive web designers. Amazing or what?

All you do is setup your domain (name of your business), hosting (where your website lives, choose a theme for your website (the look of your site) and you’re ready to go!

Here’s Some Great Benefits of Using WordPress:

  1. Set up your website in seconds with just a few simple simple clicks
  2. No HTML , coding or advanced experience needed
  3. Thousands of themes and templates to choose from and many are free
  4. Endless plugins for extra functionality
  5. Support if there’s anything you need


Now you are ready to get your website today? In just 3 simple easy to follow steps you will have your brand new fully functioning and customizable website up and running in minutes!

3 Simple Steps

  1. Choose your FREE domain at (this is your website/business name)
  2. Setup your account with free ZERO costs, no credit card.
  3. You will get access to build 2 completely free websites, step by step training on the Wealthy Affiliate University training platform.

Now you know how to get a website for free you are ready to take the next steps on your entrepreneurial journey.

Check Out the ==>Wealthy Affiliate<== and start your online business today free!

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