how to start a business online for beginners

How to Start an Online Business for Beginners

“How to Start an Online Business” Gets Googled Thousands of Times a Day

how to start a business online for beginners“Google How to Start a Business Online for Beginners” – this search gets typed in thousands of times a day. Wow!

That shows how many people either hate their job, want to quit, need to make money, want more time, freedom, work from home and, live life fully on their terms, and that’s just to name a few reasons!

If you’re one of those people who hit Google and landed here, I am really excited for you. Because this is where you start!

Welcome, to How She Quit Her Day Job. This is Where You Start…

This blog was started because I have been there, in almost every imaginable work situation and life changing situation and the only way out to survive with an ounce of sanity was to quit and create a money making business online.

You Here Because You Want to Know Where to Start

You’re here because you want to know where to start and I’m here because I want to show you. Because I have been there, and I don’t want you to learn the hard way, its far easier to learn from the mistakes over others, its cheaper and saves you a heck of a lot of time, struggle and heartache. So lets do it the right way.

Notice I said the right way, not the easy way! There is a lot of misinformation online, there are thousands of scams and promises, they sound so enticing and sexy with their cool cars and wads of cash, but for those that get caught in the dream are doomed to fail. Except One that You Can Earn  Free Car!

These scammers disappear with your money to buy their dream while yours fades further away. . Making money online takes work, you are building a business and that is a reality, so if you are ready to learn the right way read on. Because I really want this for you.

Making Money Online The Right Way

I have been marketing online for many years and I know the who’s who and the who’s not to touch. My hope is to put you on the right path from the beginning so you can save the time, money and overwhelm and focus on building a future. Whether your looking for a second income, preparing to quit your job, planning for retirement or already retired I am going to show you the way to start online, the same program I showed my family and friends. So lets take a look…

Over the years working online everything was very scattered, tools in one place ( that needed a course of their own), training in several places, webinars day and night so, I spent more time trying catch up than make money. I longed for a program to have to all in one place, and I eventually found it, and its the one I want to share with you. It’s called the Wealthy Affiliate and this is the full review!

What the Wealthy Affiliate and Why Its For You

The Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that has the training, tools, coaching and supportive community all in one place, my dream come true.  If you are beginning, intermediate or millionaire marketer you will save time, money and be part of a community of like minded people. This is a place to build confidence, you’ll soon realize you are capable of so much as you follow the lessons and grow your business.

What You Will Get as a Premium Member

There are 2 levels of membership, free and premium, I am mainly going to focus on premium as I know that where you will want to be at some point.  Premium is incredibly priced for about a $1 day you have access to everything, The price is unmatched and hasn’t increased in a years.  However, I do recommend signing up for the free membership so you can check it out and start making money right away if the budget is tight. (as a free member you’ll get 2 websites, training and can stay as a  free as long as you like, and you are welcome and treated like family). Sign up for Free

For More: Check out my WA review to see the difference or better still become a free member and see for yourself.

So Let’s Look at Wealthy Affiliate Premium

  • The best tools to grow your business
  • Website builder with a WordPress system, the sites are yours if you ever choose you can move them
  • 1st class web hosting
  • Video training, broken down into easy to understand steps
  • Weekly live lesson with a Question and Answer session (recorded if you can’t attend)
  • Coaching and support from the founders and the community
  • Global community 24/7
  • Keyword tool to get the best keywords for your topics
  • Content article writer
  • Site Health
  • SSL certificate
  • Email set up
  • 70 Module Training with a Certificate
  • Option to Join the WA Bootcamp
  • There are many, many features and they are growing and updating as they are fully committed to your success.

So you can see why This is the One Course I Highly Recommend for Anyone Who Wants to Start an Online Business the Right Way. ==>Go Premium<==

Are You Ready to Get Started?  Check it Out Here!

For more detail, you can check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review Here!

Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Profile, I can’t wait to get to know you

~ Andrea




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