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Everything You Need to Know About ClickFunnels [Review]

If you’re reading this right now, you’ve likely heard about Clickfunnels, your curious to know what it does and who is it for. In this ClickFunnels review let’s take a look and, see if it’s the best software for your business is or if it’s hyped up compared to other marketing software.

A Little ClickFunnels Background

Clickfunnels is truly a passion project created by Russel Brunson.  Russel is a multi millionaire entrepreneur who saw a need and developed an alternative solution to the complicated and pricey software on the market. After looking at every angle and with a deep understanding of what worked for entrepreneurs Clickfunnels was created and is continually evolving to meet marketers needs.

What Does It Do?

This revolutionary tool helps entrepreneurs and businesses alike to elegantly convert visitors into customers which is essential to every business and, since its inception is has been become one of the largest SaaS (Software as a Service) companies around with no signs of slowing down.

Once you follow the short tutorials you’ll see how easy it is to build professional sales funnels, squeeze pages, webinars, membership and so much more with a simply drag and drop method that also offers you all the bells and whistles you want.  Such as timers, progress bar, pop ups, video integration, and so much and all that designed to hook your customers to converting them into valuable customers.

Whether or not you think ClickFunnels is for you, its certainly worth checking it out especially as it has a 14 DAY FREE TRIAL

Who Is ClickFunnels For?

Clickfunnels is for anyone who has a business and wants to make marketing online easier.

Marketing is the prime job of an entrepreneur. ClickFunnels is one tool that makes you look like a pro designer without having to pay a designer, coder or posses anyone tech skills. And if you don’t want to do any of it yourself you can pass it to your assistant, even your kinds. Yes, that’s been done too!

Clickfunnels is for any one who want to up their game, grow their traffic, attract clients, leads and increase their conversion rate. Its for entrepreneurs, businesses owners, speakers, consultants, coaches, real estate agents, professional service providers, dentists, chiropractors, local businesses, network marketers, e-commerce sales, network marketing, and people who to take their physical business or service online or those who offer B2B services. Clickfunnels is for anyone who build, scalable and dominate in their area business.

ClickFunnels Review Pricing Plan

The Start Up plan offers plenty to get your business going, build a website, squeeze pages, landing pages and so much more, so you can integrate with your auto-responder to build a list and connect with your customers. $97/month

Etison Suite is a really a complete suite. You pay more but you get a whole lot more, depending on your needs. The Etison comes with “Actionetics” which is the Clickfunnels built in autoresponder and “Backpack” which gives you the ability to run your own affiliate program. $297/month

Check out the Comparison Chart to see what’s included. See the annual plans that give incredible discounts and bonuses (for the Etison)

click funnels price comparison chart







You can view a full list of all the features in each plan by clicking here.

Pro’s and Con’s

By this time, you’ve likely guessed I am pretty impressed with Clickfunnels, but it not until you get you hands on it do you really see the power behind it.


  • It powerful but easy to use
  • Build professional landing pages, website, auto webinars, membership sites and with ready built templates.
  • The support, not that you’ll use them often, but they go above and beyond to answer your questions and get you running quickly, they know you time is important
  • Training –  tutorials, webinars and you can get as sophisticated as you like, some people even go on to be funnel hackers for as a professional, a brilliant way to start your own business.
  • First class affiliate training Bootcamp that you can join, make affiliate commission and get the best training if this an angle you’d like to try.
  • Thousands of top entrepreneurs use Clickfunnels but its set up for complete beginners who know the value of marketing.

I could go on all day, but I must tell you as was so impressed I became a Clickfunnels user, and to be honest I won’t recommend anything I don’t personally use.

So, Get Your Free Account Watch the Video’s and get ready to be impressed by ==>Clicking Here<==

The Cons

In the beginning I had to reset my mindset from doing things the hard way and re learning to simplify so it felt a little awkward. I just cold get how simple a concept it was. So, I took some time to practice built a few funnels then I was over that.

Narrowing Choices – There were so many choices of the add on I could use, they were all great and useful. So, I figured out what I used most set up a template and quickly narrowed down the overwhelm.

Price- it’s seems a little high, at first but when you see what you get with the security, hosting, support training and realize the value of a customer it is a very affordable and necessary tool.

But no matter what, this is the software I choose as an online marketer with 8 years behind my belt. When it comes to building your empire, the right tools are a must, every lead counts and I have personally used support once, when I was a Clickfunnels beginner. They actually stayed online for an hour and made and emailed me a video, pretty amazing!

Your success in their success Join ClickFunnels Free Trial

ClickFunnels Review – My Conclusion & Final Thoughts

I am a fan as you can see from above, Clickfunnels is the easiest to use lead generating, conversion marketing software on the market right now. It’s incredibly professional looking and beats the heck out of trying to build landing pages and squeeze pages, websites and more, unless of course your very tech savvy.

Sure, it might be a little more expensive compared to other marketing software but this the very area you need the very best tools in your arsenal. In saying that some of the other well know platforms can be 3 times the price and so difficult you need full time tech support, well almost full time, which can be a huge additional expense. So in my opinion Clickfunnels wins out every time.

Se For Yourself, you won’t regret it! Click Here

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