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Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review

Big Commission 9.5 Stars ($997 Free Training)

Affiliate BootCamp Overview

If You Googled the Best High Paying Affiliate Commissions, you likely came across Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp. It offers one of the highest paying commissions and, once your customers see the value in the software you can earn recurring income.  In fact, there are endless products to promote from low ticket to very high which can result in a very lucrative passive income.

There are so many benefits to be an affiliate… 
Besides the ability to promote top quality in house software that Clickfunnels stands by 100%  there is:
The – Retire in a 100 Days as part of the training ( thousands of affiliates have achieved)
Oh, and did I mention –  Get Your Dream Car?
And, the FREE video training that will teach you how to get traffic, tips and hacks to make money  whether you promote Clickfunnels or not. It’s a huge value whether your a beginner affiliate or seasoned marketer, and all created by Russell Brunson – it’s incredible, I can tell you first hand!

What is Clickfunnels Bootcamp

Clickfunnels Affiliate boot-camp is a complete free training for people who want to learn how to make money promoting product software created and sold by Clickfunnels. There are a lot of products you can promote you can choose to start with low ticket and, as people see the value they progress up the sales ladder to higher ticket products. Or you can aim for high ticket right away, the choice is yours.

The training covers everything and if you’re motivated you can quickly begin to earn while you learn, which is encouraged and part of the Bootcamp training. the earning potential is very high and sales can progress quickly especially if you have a small budget to invest in your marketing such as Facebook ads.

Also Consider: Even though the training is free most affiliates that see success faster have invest in the basic Clickfunnels software to create their own sales funnel. 

Keep in mind you are growing a business, and just a few monthly affiliate checks can cover those expenses so you grow and scale quickly. Follow the training step by step and you’ll get there.

Retire In 100 Days, Really?

How to retire in a 100 days? Russell Brunson is an expert marketer and he understands that most successful people need to see measurable results fast. Now that doesn’t guarantee you get rich overnight, what it does means is you have the ability to earn enough money so you could actually retire in 100 days of the Bootcamp training. 

After signing up for an account, you’ll get access for members area See the pic below and if your ready to begin Click on the Image to Get Started 100 Days to Retirement Bootcamp – ==>Here<==

join the retire in 100 days clickfunnels challenge

It may sound like a far fetched but Russell explains in the video why it isn’t and how you can achieve this. Think of it this way if you ‘give away 1 free of Clickfunnels a day’, you have a potential to earn $40 commission each month if someone signs up under you. As another persons purchases the commission adds up.

When a 100 people to sign up under you, you get close to $4,000 USD per month recurring + the car bonus payment up to $500 per month. He demonstrates clear example of how you cold realistically retire comfortably and goes on to explain the full opportunity.  Many affiliates are making then of thousands a month. Russell gives a realistic overlook look without the hype.

Does the Program Work?

This may all sound good, but does the program work? While many programs are over-hyped selling sub-standard tools and lousy customer both customers and affiliates can get easily get scammed. But Clickfunnels is quite the opposite. They are the creators of the SaaS software, in house experts with the  very best customer service and tech support you’ll find anywhere. Plus expert training is first class for its customers and affiliate  alike. Russell and his team personally run the business being involved n every step and taking great price, so your success is their success.

The Clickfunnels Brand is constantly growing to meet customers needs and I personally think we have just seen the tip of the Iceberg. So if you’re wondering if its too late to get in I would consider this a ground floor opportunity. The best time to start!

If you are wondering if the BC training program is worth $997 value. I would say its worth far more. I have paid thousands for training to feel left flat where as this Russell shares his journey to success, cool hacks and in depth marketing. I would happily paid the $997 but you can get it FREE.

Let’s Look Inside Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

What Do They Offer

Inside Affiliate Bootcamp CF

It’s a well laid out course with an introductory “Secret Formula” video on day 1. It’s a long but inspiring video and you quickly see the potential. Russell is an entertaining, upbeat and very real speaker on top of being a brilliant marketer and one you want to learn from.

I never stop learning from Russell even as a veteran internet marketer myself. Russell simplifies a lot of concepts and makes everything so easy that the newest of online marketers can understand. 

  • Day 1- 6 is the foundation for building your business 
  • Day 6 on you will begin constructing your first offer to promote Clickfunnels to the world
  • Each lesson stacks on each other filling in the gaps and moving you closer towards you goals, and you can begin earning while you learn, all part of the training.

Is Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Legit?

Yes! After you sign up (there’s a welcome video) then you will have access to the dashboard as shown below. Here you can see the step by step bootcamp lessons.

100 day challenge affiliate bootcamp

The platform training works keeps you on track it drip feeds content as you work through new content will be released to you every day until the final content is released. This is done so you can stay on track and avoid overwhelm as you learn your develop your new business.

It’s all legit, I don’t see anything red flags and you can actually see the people who are making money with this programs in the Facebook Group Here.

Is Affiliate BootCamp Training Really Free and, are there an extra costs?

ClickFunnels Affiliate Boot Camp is free and actually teaches you how to make money through promoting their software and program.

This course alone is actually worth $997,  (even more in my opinion) a lot of what you’ll learn in the course is taught to people who paid for Russell’s past programs and, when you consider your new skills can be transferred to other business ventures, its very valuable.

Extra Costs?

You can follow the training and make money with the course, but to get faster results it makes sense to invest in your business, just as you would any other venture or as if you were paying for college education. Unless you have a list or a large Facebook following there reaches a point where to actually market and scale you would should invest into a few things:

  • A Clickfunnels subscription. 14 days free trial ($97/month)
  • Facebook Ads (Depends on how much you want to spend)
  • Autoresponder (Aweber, etc. $20+/month)

You can promote Clickfunnels using other software or tools, but most are technical and more expensive- this is why Clickfunnels is a “must have tool” for business owners and entrepreneurs alike. So wouldn’t it make sense you use the same?

The Starter package works for well, you’ll have access to build your own site, build a funnel and you can create a share funnels to promote to other affiliates and generate extra income (if you choose). To help provide extra value they provide you with all of the templates. These templates help you promote Clickfunnels and earn money faster because you don’t need to waste time creating  something that works out of the box.

What Exactly is ‘Clickfunnels’?

Here’s a brief explanation of what exactly is Clickfunnels software is… what is clickfunnels


Clickfunnels is a landing page software that helps people build ‘Funnels’ to help businesses increase conversions and as a result generate more revenue.

A ‘Funnel’ is a series of pages that guides a customer through a process which allows them to make certain decisions such giving their email or making a purchase. It does so much more but building a list and making a sale are the primary needs of a business.

It is user friendly, perfect for business owners who want the ability to create a funnel with a simple drag and drop method with all of the functions, and the Etison suite offers the Actionetics auto-responder software and the Clickfunnels Backpack for those who want to create their own in house affiliate program, and all in one place.

And yes, it can even replace your website. (No more hosting fee’s).

This is the primary software you will be promoting, along side with many other complimentary Clickfunnels products. Some examples include the DotComSecrets Book, Expert Secrets Book, Funnelhacks, 2 Comma Club and Clickfunnels Certification. Besides providing value to the customers they generate top commission for you as an affiliate.

Once you refer people to try or buy these programs, you earn a commission. If they buy other products or programs inside the ‘Clickfunnels’ family, you earn a commission on that too. The income opportunities are endless as you cross promote their product to the same person.

Can New People Make It Profitable?

Absolutely! The training, it is designed for anyone in mind including people new to affiliate marketing even if they have never made a single penny online. It is appealing to college students, people in retirement and everyone in-between beginner through expert.

The video training is broken into step by step training and explains everything you need to know. The first 5 day  are packed with all the information you need to know if you are planning to get into the affiliate boot camp and make it profitable.

After that, there’s daily video training plus supplementary videos to help you go through very easily. Just follow the instructions, implement as you go and you’ll soon have your affiliate business up and running.

The system has been created to make your business as simple as possible which is perfect for new people to make it profitable.  This is one of the philosophies behind Clickfunnels – Simplicity!

What Does The Training Cover?

We’ve covered a lot, the products, the benefits now lets take a look at what the training covers

It Teaches You How to Build a Business

Build a Business

The training teaches you how to build a real business – far more than learning how to make money online. It teaches you how to build a business, skills you will have for the rest of your life. In the very first video, Russell talks about how to reach your goals and how attainable it can be. You’ll quickly see he’s a genuine guy who practices what he teaches.

You’ll also be learn to identify and find your ‘perfect customers’, people who are willing to buy from you over and over again.

Facebook Ads

Get the best Facebook training, learn how to run ads and generate income fast!

learn facebook ads marketing logo

You will learn how to use Facebook ads properly. This is one of the core concepts of marketing to get your message out. When you learn how to use Facebook ads, you can essentially earn right from day 1 if the right people see your ads and make a purchase through your link, yes, that’s the beauty of affiliate marketing. Facebook is also the fastest way to get your message out, compared to other marketing methods.

Build a Community

You will learn how to build a community and trust. The value of a community is immeasurable, as you build trust and grow a following who will buy a lot of what you recommend. This is another core concepts of the bootcamp. Business is not getting about getting a fast ‘one-time sales’, but essentially to build trust and value creating long term customers who will want to to buy from you over and over.

This is just the beginning and as you move through the training you will see why the value is worth far more than $997, the learning is really priceless knowledge you will have forever.

Can You Really Earn Money From The Program?

One thing for sure is: YES!

The main thing that earns money in this program is by promoting Clickfunnels. However,  this is just one of the products you can market and generate income.

When you sell someone else’s products and earn a commission this is Affiliate Marketing. And for anyone is thinking is this MLM, this isn’t anywhere close, where multi level marketing’s main model is based on earning revenue is through a multi-tier commission system.

Clickfunnels prides themselves on offering top quality products, values their affiliates who in return are proud to market valuable tools to entrepreneurs.

What Can Affiliates Earn?

The affiliate system is one of the best, affiliate can earn quite generous commissions: You get paid 40% commission for the main program ($38.80/month or $118.80/month), and up to 40% on all of the others as well!

One of their most expensive products pay up to a whopping $3,000 for a sale! And that’s only a 20% commission. Now your talking!

Clickfunnels Testimonials

The Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp page isn’t filled with testimonials it’s focused on you. But I wanted to show you two real people not paid actors (like many programs) that love and use Clickfunnels to run successful empires.

They share how Clickfunnels has helped transform their business, saving time and making them money. Testimonials can be very powerful especially when your trying to make a decision to see if a product is a) for you b) a quality product to offer your customers.

Check out Garret White and Liz Benny Testimonials.

Garrett J White – Wake Up Warriors

Garret talks passionately about how Clickfunnels has simplified his life after struggling for years with other software system. He business depends on the very best and his pages are built on the Clickfunnels platform. Checking out his page on Facebook here.

Liz Benny Queen of Kapow

Affiliate Bootcmap Liz B Facebook Image

Liz Benny known for her excitement for life, vibrant, funny and passionate uses ClickFunnels to help run her business. She is often featured as a Clickfunnels guest. Check out here profile on Facebook Here.

Is There Any Support Provided?

This is one of the first things I look for in a programs. This is a sign of a good quality product who cares for their affiliates and customers.  Email (  for technical or account issues.

Facebook Community 

There’s over 22,000 members at the time of writing this,  these are people who value being part of a vibrant, fun Clickfunnels Community. Check Out The Facebook Group here.

clickfunnels fb group imageThere are also a lot of people that are asking questions, from beginners to advanced people all inside the group. This shows that the community is very active, and that a lot of people are supporting the program as well too.

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My Final Thoughts

I can’t think of a reason not to join Clickfunnel, this is for anyone of any age who wants Free Training and become an affiliate for one of the hottest software products available. Used buy entrepreneurs and business owners alike. Clickfunnels is sure to be in demand as business is moving from offline to online, and the time is now to get in on this ground floor opportunity. 

What I love about Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

  • Free to join
  • Great for beginners and experts who want a solid program to learn from
  • Earn while you learn, run your Facebook ads, get exposure and start making commissions
  • Top quality products and training programs sought out by serious entrepreneurs
  • Expert step-by-step videos to guide you every step of the way
  • A legit, first class program who really care and value their affiliates
  • Community of like minded people there to support and help each other
  • It works, if your willing to put a little elbow grease you there is no limit to your success

This gets my top rating and yes, I am a customer, like I said I will never recommend anything I don’t personally use in my business. See the screen shot below!

affiliate incomes earnings

Not one of the biggest commissions but they really add up.

If you’re on the fence, I recommend signing up for the affiliate boot camp to learn the information inside. After that, then choose if you want to continue on with the training on Day 6.

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