How She Quite Her Day Job is dedicated to the people who want to kick the 9-5, leave their day job, make money for retirement, earn extra income in so they can create a life of freedom and live on their terms.


About Andrea & How She Quit the 9-5

Welcome to How She Quit Her Day Job I wrote this blog for each one of you who dream about quitting your day job. You desperately want financial security, escape the job that gives you no meaning, you worry about the future, while life is passing you by, and it hurts. That was me, and […]

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what is a niche and how to pick the right one

What’s a Niche and Choosing the Right One for You

How to Pick a Niche for Your Online Business (Profit & Passion) Have you ever tried to pick a niche, and suddenly it as if a blank wall just went up, you either can’t think of a single idea or you get bombarded with so many you become paralyzed and can’t pick one you? I […]

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How Make Money for Retirement – A Realistic Take

A Realistic Look at Making Money for Retirement (or In Retirement) I recently read an article with 60 plus way to make money for retirement, there were a few great ideas, most were just silly or completely unrealistic, for most of us. As I browsed the list I looked for the most practical profitable, fun […]

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