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Welcome to How She Quit Her Day Job

I wrote this blog for each one of you who dream about quitting your day job. You desperately want financial security, escape the job that gives you no meaning, you worry about the future, while life is passing you by, and it hurts.

That was me, and story is for all of you who want more, because there is a way out and I am going to tell you how I did it.

A Little Back Story

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t work, from a time I was just a kid I worked with my parents. In the UK we had market stalls, similar to a flea markets but with new items on a very large scale. We sold everything from Christmas decorations, to cake to lingerie, you name it we just about covered every niche.  I had part time jobs, worked weekends and always looking for ways to make extra money. Always and entrepreneur at heart I saw self employment for my future, perfect for a freedom driven girl who never fit into school.

But the economy was changing, malls replaced markets, box stores replaces the Mom and Pop stores, the rules were changing and I was forced into the “gotta get a job” as soon as I left school at just 16.

I took jobs that boxed me in, with toxic environments, controlling bosses; there were no labour relation laws, it was the 80’s and no, baby we haven’t come a long even as we work in the 21st century.  I quickly lost my sense of self, my identity and any at an early age I became owned by the system.  And, I hated it.

In my early twenties, with my husband and 2 babies we followed my parents to Canada and it didn’t get easier and, like most people we did what we had to so we could put food on the table. Working endless hours, filled with worry and anxiety and trying to adjust to a new country it was overwhelming,  on top of it all I became extremely sick with blood poisoning and forced to quit my job as a stylist that day.

I was terrified, there was no back up plan, there was no help and I had to make a decision fast. While I was recovering at home I took in children to make some extra money.  I quickly realized I could earn less yet keep more money in my pocket, I could actually work from home, be a stay at home parent and save money. I studied for my real estate license, and later became a certified life and career coach. Life was getting better, more freedom, money and the much needed time with my family. All was well…then my world crashed.

When Life Changes…

As much as we try we truly have no control over life. At 35 my husband was diagnosed with the most severe arthritis, weekly hospital visits and forced to quit a job he finally felt secure in. Then the unimaginable happened, a parent the worst nightmare the loss of my son.

My world was shattered and never to be the same again. Grieving and in pain, I didn’t want to be here. I couldn’t sleep, panic,, anxiety and depression I could barely function. I was so badly traumatized I would never be able to work in a regular job again.  I became unhireable. Through the endless pain and struggle the bills kept coming and I had to find a way to work around the new version of my world.

Starting Over

As a career coach I worked with people from all walks of life and back grounds. I helped them find work, starting businesses and I knew how to research. Now it was time to do it for me and would result in helping others do the same.

I began researching all the ways to make money, and what I found was scary. There were hundreds of so called options, but it was grim, rip-offs and scams, willing to prey on people pain. There had to be another way and I was determined to find it.

I borrowed money, spent thousands, bought endless courses and training, I studied them, weeded out the junk and looking for the best – they had to meet my criteria.

I cracked the code and began living full-time from home and I vowed that I would help others do the same, because I have been there so you don’t have too.

Why I Wrote How She Quit Her Day Job 

You can probably tell I am more than a little passionate about helping people quit their day job, escape the rat race, get ready for retirement and whatever it takes to create life on their terms. Because I know how precious life is, I know how hard it is and short is can be. I have been there and I have done the work, discovered what works and what doesn’t.

I wrote this so you won’t have to struggle, wondering which way to turn, who to trust, or spend years of failure and throwing good money away only to being left more disappointed than before. This is because I want to give back to help people just like you because I want more for you. And deep down I know if you do well, you’ll help others, give back and together we can change lives, make a difference and leave a legacy in our world.

I thank you for reading about me, I hope you follow my journey and take steps to change your life.

If you ever need a hand or have questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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